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Electro-Sonic Ionzyme DF III

LaserPro Med Spa offers many customizable facial treatments that will treat almost any skin problem you might be experiencing, such as aging skin, acne, and dull complexions. We’re dedicated to personalized care and will assist you in identifying the facial combination that will best address your concerns. Our highly trained Medical aestheticians are able to customize every treatment so that you are relaxed, and your skin is nourished and restored to optimum skin health.

Electro-Sonic Ionzyme DF III

Facial Treatments

You can also refer to it as the game-changer of facials and skincare! Developed by Dr. Des Fernandes to work alongside the Environ skincare, the DF machine uses leading, innovative electro-sonic technology to help stimulate the skin, allowing Environ’s powerhouse formulations to penetrate deeper and be more effective. One treatment with the DF machine is equivalent to 40 days of your at-home skincare routine; granted you are using Environ morning and night.

The DF machine is scientifically proven dual technology using low-frequency sonophoresis to help stimulate the skin and create tiny cavitations beneath the surface. Pulsed iontophoresis delivers more essential nutrients to where the skin needs them most by ionizing active molecules and diffusing them into the skin. The DF machine is CE certified which means it conforms with health and safety as well as environmental protection standards, ensuring treatments offered are not only highly effective but ultimately safe to use. A completely painless treatment providing enhanced results while you continue to relax during your appointment.

Treatments using the DF machine include Vitamin Infusion Facial, Microneedling DF Treatment ,Cool Peels and Filler Focus Facial

“Very clean and the staff is professional. I have gone to other laser clinics in the past and none of them had an initial meet and greet consultation like LaserPro MedSpa. They took the time to explain the process thoroughly and what was best suited for me. I really felt like they knew what they were talking about which was comforting. So far, highly recommend!”