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Membership Packages

Monthly pricing based on 0% financing over 12 months

All prices includes tax

Level 1


8 Treatments

Pick an area for treatment: upper lip, sideburns, chin, jawline, neck, lower lips, cheeks, basic bikini, under arms

Level 2


8 Treatments

Pick an area for treatment: Brazilian, full face, half arms, half legs, back, top or front shoulder

Level 3


8 Treatments

Pick an area for treatment: full legs, full arms, back, chest, abs

Level 4

Starting at $100-$210/month

Customized price available for 1/2 body and full body. Please call 905-602-9277 for details.

“My first visit to LaserPro Med Spa was nice. Tana took the time to sit down and consult with us. She got to know you and your skin. She is knowledgeable in her field. She is not pushy to sell her services or products. It’s a warm and friendly atmosphere. Since my initial meeting, I’ve been back to do chemical peels and micro dermabrasion. I am happy with my results, thus far. I intend to continue with regular treatments. I have also introduced my teenage daughter to LaserPro Med Spa. We’re both happy. After going to other esthetician and spending lots of money, I believe that I will see results from LaserPro Med Spa.”